• We Can’t Stay Silent

    We Can’t Stay Silent Acts 4:13-20     I recently read a quote that made me pause and ponder deeply. The quote was “how easily the threat of negative responses muzzles our Christian witness today.” I paused and pondered because although we do not fear beheadings and our bodies being

  • “Get Ready for Revival”

      “Get Ready for Revival” Isaiah 64:1-9 I am always reminded of the story about the little boy who knelt to say his bedtime prayers after a full day of being at church. In his prayer to God he said, “we had a great time having church today, it’s too

  • “I’m A Little Short”

    “I’m A Little Short” John 6:1-15 Have you ever come up short? Few things in life are more embarrassingly painful than coming up a little short. (i.e. check-out line, toll both line, school tuition line, etc. etc.) Yet, the sad truth is that for many of us the pain of

  • “GET UP”

    “Get Up” John 5:1-9   38 years is a long time to be sick and sitting on a mat. Just imagine every day being identical to the one before it. Just imagine seeing another sunrise and another sunset but everything else in between the two remains absolutely the same because