Our Story

How it all started...

Official church services began in 1981 at a home located on Cullen Boulevard, near Almeda-Genoa Road in Southeast Houston. The first Senior Pastor was Tony Benson. While at its first location, Sunday School classes began, and a potluck dinner was served on the third Sunday of each month, which was called “Fellowship Day”. Shortly thereafter, Friendship began having services at Almeda Bible Church. Friendship’s first church-wide retreat was located in Grapevine, Texas in 1982.

In addition to the church services, other ministries were started such as a nursing home ministry, an unwanted pregnancy ministry, a Wednesday night Bible Study, a teacher training class, a new convert class, a marriage class, and a choir was begun under the direction of Ms. Faye Walker. The first baptism was also held at this location. In late 1984, Pastor Tony Benson resigned as the Senior Pastor of Friendship Community Bible Church and in March 1985, Tommy Brown became the second Senior Pastor of Friendship Community Bible Church.

Expanding the vision...

Although the Pastor of Friendship changed, Friendship remained located at the Broadhurst Road location for some time before moving to the LaPetite Academy Nursery, which was located on FM 2234 in Southwest Houston. While at LaPetite , many of the former ministries continued along with the addition of another marriage class, which was held at Laughlin Park. The church then moved from LaPetite to the Chasewood Civic Center in Missouri City. The members stayed there for approximately one month before it was moved back to LaPetite, and eventually moved on to hold services at the Ridgegate Elementary School. The church remained at the Ridgegate School for several years and during that time Pastor Tommy Brown resigned, and Friendship began praying and searching for a new Senior Pastor.
In December of 1986, Terrance Woodson became the third Senior Pastor of Friendship Community Bible Church. Sunday services were resumed and the choir was led by Ms. Ve Woodson, Pastor Woodson’s wife. The ministry remained located at Ridgegate Elementary School until the Sunday in which it was locked out of the Ridgegate School.

Because of prayer, (diligent parking lot prayer), Friendship moved from Ridgegate to a lease space in the Argyle Plaza, which was located on Fondren Road in Southwest Houston. Friendship acquired and readied the Argyle lease facility for worship service within a week’s time and remained there until 1993. While at Argyle location, Friendship had a full-time, on-site ministry staff, maintained a yearly church retreat in Tyler, Texas, began an array of outreach ministries and saw the Lord bless during that interval of time.

However, in October of 1993 the Lord opened the door for the church to move from Fondren Road in Southwest Houston to the location of 11596 Beechnut in Alief, Texas. In June of 2001, Dr. Terrance Woodson resigned as the Pastor of Friendship Community Bible Church to become the President of Urban Evangelical Missions in Dallas, Texas.

In December of 2001, Friendship Community Bible Church, called its fourth Senior Pastor Bobby D. Hamilton. Pastor Hamilton was previously the Pastor of Evangelism at Friendship Community Bible Church in 1986 and he resigned that position in 1998 in order to move to Dallas, Texas to complete his Master’s Degree studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Where we are headed...

Looking ahead, the young people will be a part of our future. This church will have a ministry that will impact  and minister to our Young Adults.

Church is not going to be just behind these  four walls. COMB 2023 is coming. It's about how to get the gospel out. Discipleship will not just be one component, but a thread throughout the entire church.

Going forward in 2023, we want to empower families to be successful in their relationships and in their resources.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 11 :00 AM.