Our Story

How it all started...

Official church services began in 1981 at a home located on Cullen Boulevard, near Almeda-Genoa Road in Southeast Houston. The first Senior Pastor was Tony Benson. While at its first location, Sunday School classes began, and a potluck dinner was served on the third Sunday of each month, which was called “Fellowship Day”. Shortly thereafter, Friendship began having services at Almeda Bible Church. Friendship’s first church-wide retreat was located in Grapevine, Texas in 1982.

In addition to the church services, other ministries were started such as a nursing home ministry, an unwanted pregnancy ministry, a Wednesday night Bible Study, a teacher training class, a new convert class, a marriage class, and a choir was begun under the direction of Ms. Faye Walker. The first baptism was also held at this location. In late 1984, Pastor Tony Benson resigned as the Senior Pastor of Friendship Community Bible Church and in March 1985, Tommy Brown became the second Senior Pastor of Friendship Community Bible Church.

Moving forward...

Although the Pastor of Friendship changed, Friendship remained located at the Broadhurst Road location for some time before moving to the LaPetite Academy Nursery, which was located on FM 2234 in Southwest Houston. While at LaPetite , many of the former ministries continued along with the addition of another marriage class, which was held at Laughlin Park. The church then moved from LaPetite to the Chasewood Civic Center in Missouri City. The members stayed there for approximately one month before it was moved back to LaPetite, and eventually moved on to hold services at the Ridgegate Elementary School. The church remained at the Ridgegate School for several years and during that time Pastor Tommy Brown resigned, and Friendship began praying and searching for a new Senior Pastor.

In December of 1986, Terrance Woodson became the third Senior Pastor of Friendship Community Bible Church. Sunday services were resumed and the choir was led by Ms. Ve Woodson, Pastor Woodson’s wife. The ministry remained located at Ridgegate Elementary School until the Sunday in which it was locked out of the Ridgegate School.

Continued Growth...

Because of prayer, (diligent parking lot prayer), Friendship moved from Ridgegate to a lease space in the Argyle Plaza, which was located on Fondren Road in Southwest Houston. Friendship acquired and readied the Argyle lease facility for worship service within a week’s time and remained there until 1993. While at Argyle location, Friendship had a full-time, on-site ministry staff, maintained a yearly church retreat in Tyler, Texas, began an array of outreach ministries and saw the Lord bless during that interval of time.

However, in October of 1993 the Lord opened the door for the church to move from Fondren Road in Southwest Houston to the location of 11596 Beechnut in Alief, Texas. In June of 2001, Dr. Terrance Woodson resigned as the Pastor of Friendship Community Bible Church to become the President of Urban Evangelical Missions in Dallas, Texas.

In December of 2001, Friendship Community Bible Church, called its fourth Senior Pastor Bobby D. Hamilton. Pastor Hamilton was previously the Pastor of Evangelism at Friendship Community Bible Church in 1986 and he resigned that position in 1998 in order to move to Dallas, Texas to complete his Master’s Degree studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.  In 2005, Friendship Community Bible Church moved to its present location on Wood Street, Sugar Land, TX.

Expanding the vision...

Over the past two decades, under Pastor Hamilton’s Leadership, the Friendship Community Bible Church's journey has been marked by remarkable growth and a profound deepening of its spiritual and community engagement. This transformative period has seen the integration of diverse and impactful ministries that have brought about lasting change and spiritual enrichment for both its congregation and the local community.

One of the pivotal developments has been the incorporation of the Real Life Discipleship Ministry into the Friendship's core. The church's commitment to education and community development also shines through its Mentoring Partnership with local schools in the Ft. Bend County area. A profound sense of social responsibility led to the establishment of the Prison and Jail Ministry in both Harris and Ft. Bend Counties. The church's dedication to empowering the unemployed and under-employed materialized in the form of a Job Assistance program.  In line with its mission to extend care and compassion beyond its walls, Friendship initiated the Christ on My Block relational evangelism outreach ministry.  

The Friendship's heart for the marginalized is also evident in its Homeless Ministry – Ft Bend Family Promise. A unique and impactful outreach effort has been forged through the Weekly Bible Studies with Harris County Police Captains. The church's influence also extends to matters of justice through its Justice for All Conferences, Town Halls, and Seminars. Engaging with the community's interests, the Sports Outreach Ministries foster fellowship and healthy living through sports, creating opportunities for connection and outreach.

Harnessing the power of modern media, Pastor B's Kitchen Table Podcast provides a platform for thoughtful discussions, spiritual insights, and practical advice, expanding the reach of the church's teachings. Recognizing the importance of addressing emotional and psychological needs, the church launched a Biblical Counseling Ministry. To strengthen marriages and promote healthy relationships, the church offers Marriage Enrichment Classes and Partnerships.

Equipping and nurturing future leaders has been a focal point as evidenced by the Monthly Expository Preaching Class Training for the Ministers of FCBC. Friendship’s commitment to the younger generation is evident through its Mentoring Ministries for Young Men, Young Lions, and Young Women, God's Beautiful Girls. These programs provide guidance, support, and a sense of purpose to young individuals as they navigate the challenges of life.

As the Friendship's influence expanded, so did its staffing to accommodate the growing scope of its ministries, ensuring that the dedication and enthusiasm of the congregation were met with effective organizational support

Where we are headed...

These past two decades are a testament to Friendship Community Bible Church's unwavering commitment to spiritual growth, community engagement, and a heartfelt mission to positively impact lives. The integration of diverse ministries and initiatives demonstrates a holistic approach to serving the congregation and the broader community, addressing spiritual, emotional, practical, and social needs. Through these endeavors, Friendship Bible Church will continue to weave a rich tapestry of transformation, unity, and outreach that will undoubtedly shape its legacy for years to come.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 11 :00 AM.